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Kindergarten U2

Aantal sets: 1x90 minuten
Prijs vanaf: € 3.650,00


KINDERGARTEN project is something more than a simple U2 cover band. It has the main purpose of sharing the passion for U2. Our vast experience has taken them around the world, captivating crowds of 10,000 plus in countries such as Italy, Europe, South America and more.

The wealth of experience and knowledge of U2 music and the efforts made so far let us carry out this musical project that is offered to the people who have grown up with the art form that the four Dubliners have been offering since 1979.
Our goal is to recreate the musical atmosphere and the sensation conveyed by each of their piece. The attention to details both from a musical and artistic point of view is what has ever distinguished the “KINDERGARTEN style”.
The high professional level we have reached is the result not only of our longstanding effort but also of all the personal investments made by each of us in terms of hi-tech equipment which assures an original and enthralling show for everybody.
During our concerts you can listen not to only the classic pieces that let U2 become the greatest rock band ever but also the “musical gems” to satisfy also the most demanding fans.

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