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Tribute to ZZ Top

Aantal sets: 1x90 minuten
Prijs vanaf: € 1.950,00


Who has not heard of ZZ Top, the trio from Houston Texas with their 50 million records sold in an over 40 years-long career? Not everybody knows that behind the paraphernalia (the long beards, boots, cowboy hats, Hot Rods and sunglasses) lies a whole world of pure fun. ZZ LOCOS bring you this mood of ‘fiesta’ at every gig with obsessive attention to the smallest detail, the original backline and obviously the most important thing …the sound.

Supported by excellent musicianship and backed by a rich on-screen video show, the band will take you in a world of Mexican ghosts, pin-ups, parties and rolling engines for a night of top entertainment. A cross between a biker club full of boozers and strippers and a summer BBQ on your own backyard, among bimbos and old friends for a trip past the Rio Grande looking for thrills.
ZZ LOCOS trace back the band’s whole career, from the early Blues and Southern Rock classics to the later mainstream hits of the ’80s and ’90s. The band is formed by the solid rhythm section of italian stage veterans
Mattia Bigi (bass) and Andrea Ge (drums), joined by the guitar talents of Luca Tocco.
Mattia Bigi - bass/vocals
Bassist in Italian metal band Extrema, from 1989 until march 2010. He has also been playing with Italian Pop singer Biagio Antonacci' s touring band since 1998 and can be heard on some of his records. He collaborated with artists on a wide range of genres, from Rock to Pop to Rap, but he is particularly at ease with ZZ Top, being a lifelong fan of their music as well as of Blues Rock and Southern Rock in general.
Luca Tocco – guitar/vocal
Guitarist and singer born in 1976, he played in various blues and soul bands, one above of all: The Jack (AC/DC tribute band). Rock music lover but especially involved by Blues, is immediately struck by Billy "The Reverend" Gibbons’ style made of rough but hardly aggressive distortion, a true bluesman hoarse voice and his melancholy yet sometimes irreverent guitar solos.
Andrea Ge – drums/background vc.
Drummer for many national and international artists and bands, with a various studio discography and touring live in all Europe. He's a real ZZ Top fan and he feels really comfortable to play their style behind his custom Monster Kit.

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