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Jose Sep
Feest, gezelligheid, meezingen, dansen zijn een aantal steek woorden die op deze zangeres van toepassing zijn.

Mitch Kerstens
Mitch Kerstens, geboren op 1 juli 1995, is een Nederlandstalige zanger. Energiek, jong en dynamisch zijn de trefwoorden bij deze artiest.

      DJ / Drive In Shows   House, hiphop, R&B      Alvaro


Aantal sets: 1x90 minuten


Thanks to his trusted style of music, his creativity, rhythm and his energetic way of performance Alvaro is loved by many fans and artists around the world. Alvaro is working together with artists like Pitbull (Alvaro made his track Bon Bon) & Lil Jon (Alvaro ft. Lil Jon - F*cking Ghetto).

His music is supported by many artists like: Pitbull, David Guetta, Afro Jack, Usher, Lil Jon, Far East movement, Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Sidney Samson, Diplo and many more.
Known hits made by Alvaro: Pitbull - Bon Bon (2011), Dubbelfriss(2010), I Want You(2010), Lucky Star (2010) Took The Night (2009), Make It Funky (2009) all grew to the world’s top and were major hits in many dance charts and clubs worldwide. Alvaro is also famous for many remixes. 
Alvaro just finished a tour of 6 months in Australia, Brazil and all over Europe. Upcoming are some new tours in Europe, USA, Brazil and Australia, Due to his busy schedule make sure you're on time to book him or your tickets for his show!

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